Lead Generation

With our local teams and extensive network, we are capable of penetrating new markets for you in a quick and cost-efficient way. Our lead generation services consist of building a solid and consistent pipeline of new business opportunities for your account executives.


Using pre-qualified criteria, we ensure good quality leads.


We guarantee a consistent flow of high quality leads.


Progress is made together.


Immediate results from the start of our collaboration.

In detail

Recruiting and training new SDR’s is a time-consuming and costly process. Outsourcing your SDR activities and adopting our proven methodology will give you direct results and immediate presence in new markets

  • High quality leads.
  • Consistency in your pipeline.
  • Immediate local presence.
  • Proven Methodology.
  • Existing network of contacts.


Sqales is a Hubspot Partner, a full-service marketing and sales platform that helps companies grow. If you want to know more about this, call or email us.

Hubspot CRM

  • All your contracts and customers in one system.
  • Clear reports.