Sales outsourcing


End-to-end sales by our experienced Business Development Managers

  • Sqales is responsible for client acquisition
  • From lead to signed contract
  • 80 hours a month a BDM + SDR available
  • Workshop on audiences and persona’s


Building consistency in your pipeline by having your own team of experienced SDR’s.

  • High quality leads
  • Consistency in your pipeline
  • Immediate local presence
  • Proven methodology
  • Access to our incredible existing network of contacts


The war on talent is raging and talent has more leverage than they’ve had in decades.

  • We connect you with great people and help build a high performing commercial team
  • It is our mission to develop you a winning strategy
  • In-depth technology knowledge

Expanding your business abroad by outsourcing sales

Expanding your business by selling your service or product abroad can be challenging if you don’t fully grasp the market and its needs. Besides, entering a foreign market can only become a true success if you speak the language, understand the culture, or possess the necesarry local connections. But hiring sales staff who speak the language of your targeted countries quickly becomes very costly. Especially if it turns out that business is not going as well as expected. It’s a risk with an unsure reward.

Luckily, a less risky alternative exists. You can safely explore if a country’s market is ready for you, with the right experts by your side. This will quickly give you insights into your business and its viability in that culture and language.

By outsourcing your sales with Sqales, you hire us instead of staff, which means that our experts are not on your payroll. This increases flexibility. You control how much you spend on extra sales capacity. Plus, you don’t have to invest in training, guiding, or educating them. We’ve been active in the sales industry for many years, allowing us to build and extensive network in the Netherlands and across borders. Sqales offers several sales outsourcing services. From B2B lead generation to deal making, our experts can make it happen.

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