Sales outsourcing

Grow your business with Sqales.

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End-to-end sales

End-to-end sales by our experienced Business Development Managers

  • Sqales is responsible for client acquisition
  • From lead to signed contract
  • BDM + SDR available for 80 hours a month
  • Workshop on audiences and persona’s


Lead Generation

Building consistency in your pipeline by having your own team of experienced Sales Development Representatives.

  • High-quality leads
  • Consistency in your pipeline
  • Immediate local presence
  • Proven methodology
  • Access to our network of contacts


Staffing solutions

The war on talent is raging and has more leverage now than ever.

  • We connect you with great people and help build a high-performing commercial team
  • It’s our mission to develop your winning strategy
  • In-depth technology knowledge


How can we scale your business?


Common challenges

  • Consistency in the pipeline
  • High turnover of junior sales personnel
  • Difficulties in scaling up or down
  • Lack of appropriate tools for effective acquisition
  • Not enough time or experience

By outsourcing your sales to Sqales, you can scale flexibly and have all the expertise in-house. Having us as a partner allows you to gain better market insight and eliminates the need for onboarding any personnel. You immediately benefit from our sales expertise and the best tools we utilize.


Why Sqales?

Scaling your business into new markets and territories is a time-consuming and costly adventure. By outsourcing your sales to Sqales, we ensure you of a steady stream of opportunities and qualified leads. We have a personalized approach, combined with the best tools available on the market. We engage with influencers and decision-makers and make use of diverse channels such as email, LinkedIn, cold calling, and more. With 10+ years of new business experience, our management team ensures you of success and highly transparant communication.


What do we do?

  • End-to-end sales – Responsible for the entire deal cycle
  • Booking qualified appointments via:
  1. Email – LinkedIn – Cold calling
  2. Round table sessions
  3. Personalized videos
  4. Personal network
  • Participating in initial conversations to gain market and product knowledge
  • A/B testing different channels and pitches
  • Working towards securing the first deals
  • Reporting market feedback


How do we get started?

Step 1: Onboarding
  • We learn everything about your company through an onboarding
  • Presentation by your team or company to learn about your service or solution
  • Together we define qualified leads and set KPI’s
Step 2: Preparation
  • Based on the defined qualified leads we research the market
  • We create Buyer persona’s and target lists
  • We formulate several pitches
Step 3: Final check
  • We go through the target lists and pitches together
  • Is everyone satisfied? Then we get started!


How do we collaborate?

  • Daily communication: via Slack, Teams or WhatsApp
  • Weekly report: on activities, feedback from the market, action plan for the upcoming week.
  • Monthly strategic evaluation: Evaluation of the collaboration, discussing the KPI’s, Elaborate learnings into strategies, action plan for the upcoming month.

The benefits of outsourcing sales






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