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The sales department is the engine behind a company's growth. Our Sqales specialists take the sales process out of your hands, allowing our customers to focus on their core business. We control all facets of the sales process and can seamlessly integrate with our customers' organizations.

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Our Vision

At Sqales, everyone has their own role and responsibilities, and no one is afraid to help or make time for each other. We consider who you are, what you’re good at, and which position suits you best. This way, we get the most out of your talent. We’re open to new ideas and love initiative and entrepreneurship. Not only will your new insights be listened to, but if there is potential, you are free to work on it yourself!

Sam en Tijmen part of the Sqales team
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Michiel de Graaf


Nick Andriessen

Founder & Managing Director

Can Paul (CP) Urganci, Sales Developement Representative, part of the sales professionals team at Sqales

Can Paul Urganci

Partner & Advisor

Melissa Schipper

HR Manager

Tijmen Bos

Sales Manager

Maarten van Ginkel

Maarten van Ginkel

Sales Development Representative

Freek Terlouw, Sales Developement Representative, part of the sales professionals team at Sqales

Freek Terlouw

Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Respresentative Naomi Koppelle

Naomi Koppelle

Sales Development Representative

Paul Oostermeijer, SDR, Sqales

Paul Oostermeijer

Sales Development Representative

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Company culture

We are professionals who know how to crack a joke here and there. Our team loves having a good time, but we don’t do it at the expense of our work. On Friday afternoons, we celebrate our hard work with drinks.

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