Our Story

Just like running your own business, lead generation is a professional sport. Think of it this way: there are different positions within a team, and you select your best player for the proper role. You win the match together by letting everyone play from their own strengths.

Sqales Founder Nick and Sales Manager Tijmen outside our story banner

What do we do?

We help your company create a complete sales and marketing process, from the first contact to a signed contract. Our specialists have experience devising and executing outbound sales and coldcalling campaigns. We advise you on the best sales process and the use of various sales and marketing channels. Moreover, we only work with the best players and have several partnerships.

Sqales founder Nick Andriessen

“Sqales was founded to help companies generate new customers. It’s a special skill that can be performed in different ways. We help you determine which method suits your company the best."

portret foto van Sqales founder Nick Andriessen

Nick Andriessen

Co-founder & Head of Sales


Show what you do and keep your promises.


Everyone involved should benefit.


Results are important, but above all, let us treat each other as equals.

Our Team

Progress is made together, and we are proud of our team. We will tell you more about this on our team page.

Nick and Aline from Sqales