Our experienced senior business development team will take care of the end-to-end sales cycle. From creating new business opportunities until signing the deals. We work autonomously and take full ownership for our mutual success.


Outsource your sales process to our experienced specialists.


We work autonomously and take responsibility.


Our sales team works closely with you and have daily contact


Using our many years of experience we know how to select the right approach

In detail

Sqales works on the partner projects and assignments as a team. Multiple people from Sqales, with various backgrounds and different fields of relevant expertise are made aware of the solutions of the vendor. Therefore, the success of the collaboration is not related to the availability and achievements of one person; it will be a constant team effort. Sqales as an organization possesses a wealth of knowledge, contacts and skills that are actively shared. The Sqales team involved in our engagement will include the following key individuals:

  • Business Development Manager

Your main point of contact who is running the day-to day activities

  • Sales Manager

Managing and driving the process, making sure goals are set and reached.

  • Sales Support Team

Doing background research helping to obtain background information on leads. This can include studying the market developments, researching the changes in a prospective company, defining organizational structures and pinpointing decision makers.



Sqales is a Hubspot Partner, a full-service marketing and sales platform that helps companies grow. If you want to know more about this, call or email us.