Our partners

We choose our partnerships strategically. This way, we can provide your organization with advice and implementation through all marketing and sales channels.


Brandsea Marketing and Sqales have started a cooperation to offer our customers more knowledge and results. Both organisations are HubSpot Partners, but each has a different focus. Where Brandsea focuses on marketing, Sqales focuses on sales. A few months ago, we discovered that combining our expertise leads to greater effectiveness and creates more opportunities to help our customers. We are committed to helping each other, finding solutions and sharing our knowledge and experience through our partnership.

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Sqales is using HubSpot since our founding. The Sqales founders have worked with the extensive system before and immediately knew they needed HubSpot as a foundation for their sales- and marketing activities.

HubSpot itself even noticed Sqales’ knowledge and skill of the HubSpot platform, and end of 2020, Sqales was asked to join the Partner program.

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Ice Cream Media

Ice Cream Media is a full-service digital agency in Amsterdam. They help companies grow through strategy, marketing, design, development, and creating content. Sqales works together with Ice Cream Media to realize and execute the complete inbound and outbound strategy.

In addition, Ice Cream Media is responsible for the design and branding of Sqales, and they have designed our website.

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Rebels is a digital development agency in Amsterdam. They were founded with the mission to make complex IT knowledge available to everyone. They help companies optimize systems and make IT processes more efficient.

Sqales supports Rebels by generating appointments with new leads. In addition, Rebels helps us link systems and make integrations with our customers.

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