Outsourcing sales: the benefits

Outsourcing sales has a number of clear advantages over an internal sales department. We explain the most important advantages below.


Sqales specializes in generating leads and settings up qualified appointments. This way you can count on a constant flow of quality leads. Together we build a smooth sales process, and based on this, we decide KPI’s that show our performance.

Cost effective

Sqales’ employees are not on your payroll. This increases flexibility because you control how much you spend on extra sales capacity. Plus, you don’t have to invest in the training, education, and guidance of the salespeople.


Furthermore, we know which tools use and how to integrate them.
Whether it’s using the right CRM or lead-generation tool or integrating it into your existing tech stack, we can make it happen!


The team members that work for your organization are experienced in the field of B2B sales and we make sure they are up to date on the latest developments. This makes them the ideal sparring partner.
Additionally, you never have any problems from illness, vacations, or lack of motivation.


We’ve been working in the sales and marketing industry for many years and have an extensive network in the Netherlands and beyond.
We focus primarily on doing sales for SaaS and tech related organizations which has provided us with great technical knowledge, highly skilled personnel and expertise in solution selling.


We want to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for our clients. To offer this, we’ve established several strategic partnerships.
Through our partners, we can offer marketing services such as localization, website design and development, API integrations, content generation, and other related services.

Watch the video

Watch the video below for our explanation of outsourcing’s benefits.

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Sqales offers fully outsourced lead generation for B2B, IT, and SaaS companies. Our team of experienced new business professionals has a large network of contacts within the European IT sector. We are highly experienced in selling enterprise software and professional services.

Nick and Aline from Sqales