Sqales Recruitment

Through our HubSpot onboarding, you will learn how to set up the system quickly and easily. In the workshop, you can get started quickly and learn a lot about the platform. We will set up the system together, and after the workshop, you can continue working with Hubspot independently

How often?

Two half days

How many hours?

One session lasts 4 hours

Group size?

Maximum 5 participants

Who joins?

Your sales and marketing teams

Workshop details

Who is this workshop for?

A workshop for anyone who:

  • Wants to have all his contacts clearly arranged in a system.
  • Still does his sales process with an Excel.
  • Wants a CRM, but doesn’t want to spend all their turnover on it.
  • You want to start with an easy-to-understand CRM.


What are we going to teach you?

We will teach you seven important things in this workshop:

  • Segmenting your prospects and processing them in the CRM.
  • Adding new prospects and the various options for doing so.
  • Create a link between the CRM and Gmail or Outlook.
  • Importing and exporting your data.
  • Building a sales pipeline to have a cold sales call.
  • Creating and adding a web form to your website.
  • Sending mailings from your CRM.


After the workshop, all you need to do is:

  • Customers and deals in the CRM.
  • Process your activities in the CRM.
  • Create templates for the sequences.