Vaqancies provides the best way to optimize, personalize and automate the hiring process. Spend less time and effort, and make real human connections.

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Vaqancies was founded to combat a negative development in the recruitment industries. Many companies focus on the hiring process from the point of view of HR or recruitment. However, Vaqancies believes that you should focus on the hiring process from the candidate’s point of view.


Industry: SaaS / Recruitment & Staffing
Country: Netherlands


  • SDR Support
  • Go-to market strategy
  • Lead generation


When Vaqancies contacted Sqales, they were in the process of building an MVP of their software. They had a fantastic idea but wanted help from Sqales to help design their go-to-market strategy. Furthermore, feedback was needed from organisations in different industries to gauge their interest and to determine the quality of the features in the Vaqancies software.

Vaqancies wants to improve the hiring process by focusing on the candidates

Sqales is a reliable partner with a lot of knowledge in the field of outbound sales. There is a lot of room for personal contact, and the client is always put first. This makes the collaboration with Sqales very pleasant.

Ruth de Bruijn-

Product Owner


To develop the go-to-market strategy, a market analysis was performed to determine the key competitors. From this, we analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor and determined the features that would make Vaqancies stand out from the crowd. Using these USP’s we did manual outreaches to different organizations in a few different verticals. The goal was to find HR professionals that would be open to participating in our beta/tester program.


Our outreaches to find beta testers were very successful, finding over 10 qualified professionals willing to help test the software in the first 2 months. Additionally, we gathered feedback from the industry that helped inform the Vaqancies management team to determine which features should be prioritized. Currently, Vaqancies is planning to fully release to the public in 2022.

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