SUE is a consultancy and academy specializing in behavioral design. Through this method, they help clients worldwide innovate by finding solutions to their challenges. Using creativity and science, they translate human understanding into prototyped solutions to positively influence and shape individuals. As an academy, SUE teaches its clients how to apply this themselves.

About the client

SUE is an innovation agency providing training, consultancy, and research support. They focus on improving the customer experience based on behavioral psychology. Moreover, they help you solve your challenge in their design sprints and teach you about this method in their academy.


Founded in: 2011
Country: The Netherlands
Area: Behavioral Change


  • Booking Qualified Appointments
  • Creating Webinars
  • Follow-ups on existing leads
  • Helping to close deals


For SUE, it was a logical step to start working with us. After all, as a start-up, they were mostly surrounded by people doing a good job in content and knowledge. As they grew and developed into a scale-up, they needed a healthy and stable pipeline, something we provide.

"Sqales approached me in such a nice way. I immediately felt that they would approach clients the same way. This turned out to be the case!"

Tom de Bruyne-

Founder SUE Solution

The process

We tried different propositions on various target groups, which allowed us to gather market information. For example, we created different buyer personas with marketing managers, L&D managers, commercial directors, owners, product owners, and many more. We gathered all the results together to see who is most likely to work on their skill for behavioral change. Besides normal cold acquisition, we also aimed for specific webinars and followed up on people who have ever followed a training within SUE. We tried to find out why they have been attending and if there are current situations in their company where we might be of additional value. 


We brought in many quality leads and gathered a lot of market information during this collaboration. It was a learning process of optimizing marketing and sales, reducing cold calling, and working more with leads. It became clear to SUE that they still had some missing links and needed to improve this to design a great lead funnel. We were thrilled to provide them with these new insights.