Stayify’s platform is a new breed of e-commerce specifically targeted to the hospitality industry. The platform is designed to help the hospitality industry sell more on its own online channel. Services & offering are combined into a single simple process. Think about the integration to multiple back-end systems such as PMS. They have many users, including hotels, resorts, tour companies, and more.

About the client

Stayify is a composable commerce platform for the hospitality industry. They are transforming the way companies sell rooms & services online.


Founded in: 2020
Country: Finland
Area: Hotel Industry


  • E-commerce platform for Hotels


“We were looking for a way to enter the central European market(s). A former colleague, who had been working with Sqales for a few years, recommended the company. Working with an established company with access to the market & different actors within the market provides easy early-phase access to the market. This without incurring a lot of sunken costs.”

"For end customers, Sqales provides a robust and direct approach focusing on the key business development activities."

Pekka Koponen -

Chief operational officer


To help Stayify in the best possible way, we first conducted a market survey to see their customers’ opinions. Then we had meetings with the general managers of several hotels. These were interviews to determine whether there is a product-market fit with the Dutch market. We both have a structured approach (weekly meets, reports, setting up targets & working around challenges) and a very informal one (WhatsApp group).


“We were originally quite unsure about what to expect, but we received great results. It’s not easy to push an unknown solution (even an untested one!) in a new market, but Sqales has done an exemplary job with it! Within a few months, we gained a good understanding of the market and a viable prospect pipeline.”