SmartFix is an innovative troubleshooting app designed specifically for the repair and maintenance of complex machines. With this app, the client company can add manuals and specific information about their machines. This enables service engineers to solve problems more independently, helps alleviate the shortage of technicians, and reduces the pressure on telephone support.

About the client

With SmartFix, companies can utilize a flexible framework that offers convenient user flows and the ability to integrate company-specific information, ensuring that the app is customized to the unique specifications of each complex machine.


Founded in: 2021
Country: The Netherlands
Area: Troubleshooting application


  • Innovative troubleshooting app for complex machines and installations


SmartFix faced the challenge of penetrating the market and reaching manufacturers and service organizations of complex machinery in need of maintenance solutions. Lacking the necessary knowledge and tools for effective research, SmartFix sought collaboration with us.

"Working with Sqales has been very positive —the communication is seamless, efficient, and relaxed. They actively involve us, fostering a genuine sense of partnership. It's like being embraced by a warm and welcoming team!"



By utilizing our range of tools, expertise, and client identification capabilities, we engaged with potential clients and assisted SmartFix in navigating the market to establish a client base.


Through comprehensive market analysis and targeted outreach efforts, we successfully pinpointed ideal clients for SmartFix. Our focus primarily centered on acquisition, facilitated by scheduling meetings and initiating meaningful conversations. By doing so, SmartFix was able to build a potential client base, which gave information about which market area is interesting for SmartFix and thereby offered potential clients. Reflecting on our collaboration, SmartFix expressed their satisfaction: