ShopPop provides WhatsApp, SMS & Messenger marketing - automation - for Shopify brands such as ETQ, Patta, Filling Pieces, Olaf Hussain, Stieglitz, and many more.

About the client

ShopPop helps Shopify stores use timely and relevant messages to drive customers back to their stores via WhatsApp, SMS, and Facebook messenger. Customers opt-in by themselves to receive personalized and relevant content. For this reason, customers actually read the messages resulting in higher conversion rates.


Founded in: 2016
Country: The Netherlands
Area: Marketing solutions / e-commerce / retail


  • WhatsApp, SMS & Messenger Marketing


ShopPop partnered with Sqales to deliver lead generation in a consistent and targeted manner. ‘’We were looking for an independent company that could immediately start working for us.’’

''Sqales has a high energy level. They really feel like a part of our team!’’

Tim Heineke-



‘’Sqales has an energetic team of sales professionals. They have the right tools to approach prospects for ShopPop effectively.’’ We started by mapping all Shopify companies and agencies in the Netherlands. From our network, we already had a few name-worthy clients. That is why we initially focused on companies from the same industry so we could present relevant data on the achieved results (conversions).


From the moment we started this collaboration, many deals were set immediately. ‘’Sqales’ team is incredibly driven and committed, so we let them close deals for us. Besides being successful in the Dutch market, we used extra workforce to penetrate the German, Belgian and Scandinavian markets.’’