Remote Survey by SubseaX

RemoteSurvey is a platform solution by SubseaX that allows maritime companies to run industrial inspections remotely.

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About the client

SubseaX is a company aiming to deliver unique and innovative services to marine operators. They do so by allowing offshore and subsea operations to be livestreamed through a digital platform.


Industry: SaaS / Maritime

Country: Norway



  • Market Research
  • End-to-end sales
  • Focus on the Benelux region


RemoteSurvey is a new platform by SubSeaX that allows maritime subsea construction companies to run industrial inspections remotely. The company was founded in Norway and this was the only country they were active in. The challenge was to discover the market potential of the Remote Survey platform in other regions. For that reason, we decided it would be a good idea to start in the Benelux considering our large maritime industry.

Sqales understood the target market and this provided the trust needed to start working together. Within the first couple of weeks, Sqales was able to introduce me to potentially interesting customers.

Jean-Gregoire Kherian -

- Founder


When SubSeaX started as a partner , Sqales first did an extensive onboarding for the people that would be on this project. This niche market demanded an in-depth approach and lots of knowledge transfer. We used all our tools and channels to get into contact with the right prospects and receive the right feedback.


Our experience allowed us to set up a couple of interesting meetings with the right companies quickly. The feedback was used to make strategic decisions about the future orientations of the platform.

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