Recently we spoke with Robin Tuorda, one of the founders and Head of Sales of To discover more about, Robin shared insights about their journey, solution, and future goals with us. Read the entire story about our partner below.

How’s Journey Started

Six years ago, long before artificial intelligence and ChatGPT became mainstream and well-known, the founders of the Swedish company began a journey to transform visitors’ experiences on websites.

“Our belief was, and still is, that the internet will change from static websites maintained by communicators into a more dynamic experience that adapts based on data, just like YouTube and Netflix.”

This dynamic experience became possible through their solution,, which applies artificial intelligence to create a personalized website experience.

“When we started 6 years ago, AI was unknown. Since ChatGPT launched AI has become very popular, and potential clients started to think about how they could benefit from AI. This has been a very positive change for us.”

The Solution is an AI recommendation engine that transforms static websites into dynamic experiences. By analyzing user data, provides personalized recommendations, enhancing user engagement and boosting conversion rates.


Through their web plug-in, customers can effortlessly integrate AI recommendations into their websites, facilitating seamless user interactions and driving online success.


The Benefits of offers its transformative AI recommendation engine to a diverse array of clients, ranging from universities and public agencies to sports organizations, unions, tourism boards, and businesses.


By implementing’s solution, clients experience a significant reduction in manual website maintenance, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently. With a relentless focus on enhancing user experience, ensures that each interaction is seamless and personalized. Moreover, their AI-driven recommendations lead to a decrease in incoming support tasks and calls while simultaneously driving better conversion rates, ultimately fostering online success for their clients across various industries.


Collaboration with Sqales

After establishing a presence in Sweden and acquiring clients, aimed to expand its business to new markets. They found the Netherlands to be a promising match, leading to their collaboration with Sqales.


“The collaboration with Sqales has been very successful. They have helped us get our first projects and clients where we are live right now!”


Goals for the future’s vision is for AI-powered navigation to become a standard feature on all websites, enhancing user experiences by effortlessly guiding visitors to their desired destinations. With this goal in mind, is committed to advancing the accessibility and effectiveness of AI-driven website navigation globally. Their current goals are to further expand in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands.


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