INDIGO is the instrument for educational partnerships in the implementation of Suitable Education. When pupils are in need of extra care, which the school cannot provide, INDIGO comes into place. All care processes are digitally supported via the secure platform.

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Tolteek is the developer of the INDIGO platform, which consists of a secure environment in which educational partnerships can process care applications from schools. Indigo is user-friendly and offers a lot of overview in the workflows because it is equipped with an advanced workflow management system. Through this, information can be safely shared with third parties such as the municipality and parents if desired.


Industry: SaaS / Education


  • Lead generation
  • Account management
  • Go-to -market strategy


For Jan -Hendrik of Tolteek, outbound sales was not part of his sales strategy. New schools that became clients usually came through referrals by existing clients. Knowing how valuable his platform was for his clients, some outbound sales was performed, but he quickly discovered it wasn’t for him. Jan -Hendrik kept his eyes and ears open, looking for the right sales partner that he could connect with

What is great is you discover what challenges schools in the target market have. This gives me information about how to evolve and improve the platform. You also learn which of your features resonates in the market, and you can present yourself in a better way.

Jan -Hendrik Hooghiemstra-

Owner of Indigo


Jan Hendrik was convinced of Sqales’ value when he was approached by one of our team members. The SDR was well-prepared and aware of the types of challenges an organization like Tolteek could have. Because of the way we thought along with Jan -Hendrik, we soon decided to start working together. Sqales would do prospecting and lead generation in the market. Discovering how schools were managing their care processes and booking meetings with board members.


Through our collaboration, new clients were onboarded onto the INDIGO platform. Our success came from carefully researching the market.  Furthermore, Jan -Hendrik appreciated the way we functioned as a self-managing team and how we presented new ideas and goals. It also provided Tolteek with valuable contacts and information about challenges in the market.

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