huapii is a talent platform that helps organizations prepare for the future. Change is all around us and happening faster and faster. huapii ensures that employees and teams can respond to changing needs and priorities by utilizing performance & skill management. They break through silos by facilitating frequent conversations between employees & managers and aligning on their objectives.

About the client

huapii supports organizations by creating an environment where employees can grow and develop. Based on experience with multiple and diverse corporate environments, huapii developed best practices around change management and adoption. This way, new processes associated with the introduction of huapii are sufficiently adopted, and huapii is effectively used by employees.


Industry:  Companies with 200+ employees
Country: Belgium


  • Booking Qualified meetings
  • Focus on the Benelux


huapii started in Belgium but was looking for the next step towards internationalization. After their market research, the Netherlands came out as the perfect next market to position the huapii offering. They didn’t want to recruit a sales team in the Netherlands immediately, so they were looking for a partner to help start their sales efforts.

We were looking for a partner to introduce huapii in the Netherlands. Sqales already had relevant knowledge of the Dutch market, which helped us to determine the strategy and message. During our weekly moments, we did not just get an overview of what they did and discussed how we can improve our approach in each session, leading to continually improved results!

Kristof Stevens-

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer


Approaching the HR market is very difficult, especially when getting in touch with larger organizations, where they get tons of requests and are already using several “tools. You need to understand their current situation to provide them with real value. Together with huapii, we investigated several important pain points that corporations could be dealing with and started helping companies based on how they currently handle these affairs.


The first weeks are all about getting traction and gaining a lot of feedback. Together with huapii, Sqales worked on the best approach which brought a consistent flow of new qualified appointments every week.