Custobar specializes in the retail and e-commerce industry. Smart use of customer data is currently the number one success factor for retail and e-commerce companies. There’s a massive demand for a powerful Customer Data Platform (CDP) and a marketing automation tool in one that is easy to use and implement.

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Custobar was founded in 2014. They are the leading CDP platform in Finland and have customers in over ten countries.


Industry: E-commerce
Country: Finland


  • Lead generation
  • Focus on the Benelux and Germany


Custobar, originally from Finland, began building their own sales team and approaching international prospects early on. The Benelux was one of the markets they were already targeting themselves and using partners. It didn’t take long for them to realize that native speakers would be necessary for the Benelux.

When Custobar worked with other sales agencies, aspects always differed from what you would expect from a collaboration. Either the results weren’t good enough, or the communication didn’t go smoothly. Yet, they were open to giving it another shot because of the language barrier.

Often customer data is scattered in many places, and one is unable to fully use it in marketing, sales, communications or customer service. Custobar was made for that.

Aleksi Montonen -

Head of Business Development


At the start of our partnership, we made sure to create a team of Dutch natives that had experience within the e-commerce domain. After finding out what triggered companies in the Benelux to reassess how to use their customer data, we decided to take a much more active approach. This way, we would utilize our native speaking abilities to more accurately explain the benefits of Custobar’s solution and refute objections, resulting in a successful campaign.


The sales team quickly contacted the right prospects by combining Sqales’ state-of-the-art prospecting tools and different channels for outreach. We’ve been able to consistently fill up the pipeline as well as sign the first deals.

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