Connus is a platform that connects online creators and companies through matchmaking. It is the fastest and most efficient way of influencer marketing. You will find suitable connections for influencer marketing campaigns under your management via their platform.

About the client

The company aims to create influencer marketing that is more transparent, simpler, and accessible, making it more budget-friendly for start-ups, SMEs, and large companies.


Founded in: 2021
Country: Belgium
Area: Influencer marketing


  • Application for influencer marketing


The company has a strong presence in Belgium and aims to expand its operations in the Netherlands. Their main challenge is establishing new contacts within the influencer and corporate sectors. They aspire to onboard as many high-quality companies as possible onto the platform and to connect them with their influencers. Given that influencers collaborate with various industries, it is challenging to focus on a specific target audience. 

"Working for Connus has been a valuable experience. Connecting influencers with a diverse range of companies through their influential platform is both rewarding and exciting. The collaborative culture and commitment to innovation create a supportive and engaging work environment."

Sebastiaan Barten -

Sales Development Representative


During the initial month, we researched companies involved in influencer collaborations. The industries that stood out the most were:

  • Clothing  
  • Jewelry  
  • Food & beverages  
  • Sports  
  • Lifestyle  
  • Baby products  


Subsequently, using our tools, we selected companies and contacted them for introductions. During these conversations, we inquired about their experiences and methods of working with influencers. We incorporated all the valuable feedback into the app, enabling us to create a perfect platform. We designed a sales campaign that precisely catered to the needs and preferences of these industries. 


Connus is live with over 500 Dutch companies registered on the platform. The platform allows them to find their ideal influencer based on the target audience, industry, age, and more. Successful collaborations have emerged between companies and influencers in the Netherlands and Belgium. This app also presents an excellent opportunity for Dutch businesses to expand their customer base in Belgium. Therefore, it is an ideal platform for Belgian companies looking to reach a Dutch customer base.