How to reach your target audience and acquire more clients

October 7, 2021 - Julia Shchegoleva

Where do I get more people? How do I acquire more clients?


In order to survive, everything in life must continuously grow and develop, especially in the modern digital era. This same rule of life applies to the business world. In the professional world, a business should be growing in terms of enhancing its customer base. The question, of course, is: “how?”

The ways to expand your potential audience vary. Below we discuss a few options.


Ask your clients to spread the word

Firstly, it is possible to make use of your existing clients as the referrals from them might help. This way, you might get a more extensive scope of customers in an already familiar field or industry. This can be a straightforward approach, as you don’t need to adapt or change to attract an entirely new type of customer. However, referrals usually cannot bring a substantial number of qualified leads, and only a few of them might fit with the description of your ideal customer profile.


Broaden your network!

Secondly, you can also start your search on LinkedIn or other business-related networks (like Xing in the DACH region). Participate actively in recent events, try to join communities online and offline, aiming to connect with more people. This is not necessary to benefit yourself or your organization at first, but more to meet new people and build a network. Enter a professional space with the question of ‘how can I help others?’. This will help you make connections, find leads, and build relationships. Although it is quite a time-consuming endeavour, it can be very valuable. In the end, some people might become interested in your products or services, and you will finally reach more clients.


Successful partnerships?

Besides the solutions mentioned above, another great opportunity might be to partner with a company that produces complementary products/services. Maybe in the same country as yours, or abroad. Not only could merging two or more customer bases work mutually beneficial, but it could also play as a rapid way of acquiring new contacts. Make sure to pick strategic partners because not all leads might be comparable with your own ideal customer profile.


How do I deal with it?

Although there is also a solution for the problem described above, you can team up with a partner that is able to discover this new customer base for you. It might be much easier to outsource some of the work and ensure it’s done well. This could become a win-win for both parties: your employees are keeping themselves busy with your main business activities, and the outsourcing company is doing the thing where it is certainty proficient.

Take, for example, how Sqales works: we specialize in performing sales development tasks. Things such as market research, setting qualified appointments, or delivering a full deal-making approach. Sqales finds and converts a new organization to a client of your product or service. This way, your business get the leads in the market you want, with no extra effort of obtaining it on your part.

Of course, choosing the path you take depends on a personal preference and on your budget. Still, it’s worth considering and trying all the options before realizing which one works for your specific case and brings the most value.