Are cold sales calls still a success?

September 8, 2021 - Nick Andriessen

“Hello with Nick from Sqales.” “Who?” “With Nick from Sqales, is this a good time to call?” E-mails to people you haven’t spoken to before often go unanswered, and very few people are looking forward to being called by someone working in sales. Even if the phone is answered, people are sometimes quite impolite, sometimes even before you have told your story. So: are cold sales still effective?


It starts with a phone call

Only a few companies are completely satisfied with their outbound sales and don’t need to do anything anymore. They rely on inbound lead generation or reap the benefits of an already existing network. Yet, these companies also had to build up their network step by step and perhaps made the first contact via a cold sale.


Time and energy

Especially young and relatively small companies with the ambition to grow will have to work hard on cold sales to increase their brand awareness. Time-consuming but necessary, it would be nice if this could be done more efficiently. And that is possible. Namely, by setting up large and automated campaigns, with which you reach as many companies and people as possible at once. Easy, but not personal. However, is this a problem?


Valuable contribution

Checking out a profile on LinkedIn, visiting a company’s website, or finding out about an organization’s needs via e-mail, you can always make your first contact moment more personal. Namely, by simply calling and asking the man in the street if they are open to knowledge or help in the form of a service or product. Always call or e-mail from the perspective of delivering value and contributing to a solution of a possible problem. If there is no solution, that is, of course, fine for the organization and no problem for the salesperson. The search simply continues.


Open to a breath of fresh air

It happens often enough that companies already cooperate with others, for example, with a trusted team of marketing specialists or web developers. But this does not always mean that there is no underlying need for a breath of fresh air or a different view of things within the organization. After all, the market innovates rapidly, so it is essential to be open to this.


A smart solution?

By putting one or two people within an organization in charge of screening a potentially exciting solution and talking about innovative ideas with salespeople, you can save a lot of time when searching for the right person. Moreover, this way, companies stay on top of great opportunities. It saves a lot of frustration for both the caller and the CEOs, who are usually called at inconvenient moments by a salesperson with good intentions.

So, are cold sales still effective? Yes, they are, if the salesperson is given the space to tell their story and if companies are open to a breath of fresh air in an innovative market. Do you want to grow as a young company? Then sooner or later, you will have to deal with cold sales, and you build a valuable network that you can always fall back on. Quite effective, in other words.

We are curious what you think about cold sales. Feel free to reach out and let us know!